Representative to ICO

International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) Representative

The International Council of Ophthalmology meets every two years during the World Ophthalmology

Congress. ICO is composed of National Ophthalmological Societies and International Subspecialty Societies, numbering respectively about 70 and 30.

The representative to the ICO receives regular communications from the Council, is expected to alert Officers of the AOS as to matters of concern, and to attend the biannual meeting of ICO.

According to the Statutes:


Responsibilities of Delegates

The further duties of a delegate shall be:

(a)To act as a liaison officer between the Board and his or her society in the interval between two


(b)To supply the Secretary-General of the Board, periodically or on request, with the names and addresses of the ophthalmologists of his or her country or taxing authority and such other matters as are required.

(c)To be responsible for collecting and forwarding, or arranging for the collecting and forwarding, of the annual subscription of his or her society to the Treasurer of the Board.

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