Committee on New Members


The committee is charged with:

  • Providing initial welcomes by email to all new members, and when applicable, their spouses to the Society.
  • Requesting the new members to supply spouse email addresses and send copies of communications to the spouses, unless directed otherwise.
  • Assisting the new members in arranging to attend their first annual meeting.
  • Hosting the New Members’ Luncheon, New Members’ Reception, and the Spotlight Session at the Annual Meeting.
  • Introducing the new members, and when applicable, their spouses at the Banquet.


The Committee on New Members traditionally consists of an Active Member and his or her spouse appointed by the Council for a term of 3 years, which may be renewed for a single additional term. Acceptance of this position indicates a genuine intention to attend each Annual Meeting of the Society during the respective term(s) of office.


The following schedule is proposed as an appropriate process of operations for this Committee:

Following the Annual Meeting in May:

After receiving the list of new members, the Committee Chair sends an email or letter to each new member (and spouse if applicable). This should offer congratulations; provide a brief overview of the Society; confirm the dates and location of the next meeting; and stress the importance of attending the first meeting. (Sample letters may be obtained through the AOS office.) This should note that a special informal reception-luncheon will be held at around noon on the first day of the meeting, so an “early arrival” is desirable. Provide them the exact date of the luncheon.

January of the following year:

An email is sent to each new member and copy to spouse. This should express hope that he/she (and spouse if applicable) will be attending the May meeting. In particular, note climate of meeting location, available activities, New Members’ Luncheon, New Members’ Reception, Spotlight Session, and “optional black tie events.” A formal response regarding attendance should be elicited.

March / April:

The Committee documents the names of new members who will and will not be in attendance at the Annual Meeting. Acceptances and regrets should be recorded, and new members who have not responded to the January letter should be contacted to determine their plans. For new members planning to attend the meeting, their room reservation status should be documented prior to the deadline for room registration.

Late April:

If circumstances are appropriate, the spouse of the Chair of the Committee on New Members should write a letter or email to spouses/known friends of new members. This should provide details regarding social, sporting, and other activities.

It is important to document that the AOS Archivist (or substitute) is planning to attend. This individual should be reminded about being present at the New Members’ Luncheon to take photos as well as New Members’ Reception later that day. New members should be reminded of the Spotlight Session with a 5-10 minute presentation.

Sponsors and seconders of new members who are attending should be contacted and encouraged to assist their nominees in introductions, dinner reservations/etc.

It is important to communicate with the AOS staff and confirm that someone is ordering flowers for new members and spouses/friends.

Annual Meeting (May):

New Members’ Luncheon: The Committee Chair (1) introduces the new members to officers and their spouses in attendance; (2) assures that the Archivist obtains a photograph of each new member signing the Membership Book; (3) provides AOS history books, neckties or scarves, etc. to the new member; (4) discusses the process and timing of the reception line at the New Members’ Reception.

Spotlight Session: The Committee Chair introduces the new members at the Spotlight Session and monitors the session, especially the 5-10 minute limit per presentation. New Members should not use visuals during the presentation.

New Members’ Reception: The Committee Chair assists with photos, flowers, and the organization and introduction of new members at the New Members reception.

Banquet: The Committee Chair introduces new members at the continuation of the business meeting during the Banquet.

End of the meeting: The Committee Chair provides a written formal report of the Committee on New Members’ to the Transactions Editor.

Revised 12.09.10