Representative to JCAHPO

Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) Representative

The AOS is a Member Organization to JCAHPO. JCAHPO expects Member

Organizations to appoint two representatives to serve as Commissioners. The AOS-appointed JCAHPO Commissioners prepare a report to the AOS yearly outlining the activities of JCAHPO that are likely to be of interest to the AOS membership.

A commissioner is a designated representative of his or her parent organization

(AOS, in this example) to JCAHPO. Commissioners serve three-year terms. Candidates for Commissioner should bring expertise in Education, Certification, Management, or Public Relations to the Commission.


A commissioner is expected to prepare for and attend all meetings of the Commission (once per year – usually just prior to the AAO) and to be an active participant in the deliberations and activities of the Commission and its committees.


A commissioner is expected to serve on one or more committees as assigned by the President. The commissioner is expected to make a good faith effort to complete assignments responsibly, with due respect for quality, timeliness, and economy to the Commission.

Missions and Goals

A commissioner is expected to be familiar with and be supportive of JCAHPO's missions and goals, as well as major policies and current activities. A commissioner is expected to support the decisions and policies of the Board of Directors, even when the commissioner may not be in agreement with the final decision.

Parent Organization

A commissioner has the responsibility to represent JCAHPO, its policies, and programs to his/her parent organization (AOS, in this example) and is expected to be an active advocate for these whenever and wherever possible.

Fiscal Responsibility

A commissioner has a fiduciary and fiscal responsibility to JCAHPO to utilize and manage its resources responsibly. This includes careful and documented expenditures when traveling for JCAHPO and requires a good faith effort to secure support from the parent organization.


A commissioner shall hold in confidence all matters and information pertaining to JCAHPO and to all JCAHPO examinations, unless disclosure is authorized by

JCAHPO’s Board of Directors. All commissioners will be asked to sign a “Waiver of Proprietary Rights and Confidentiality Agreement”, to be held in their file at the

JCAHPO office.

Conflict of Interest

The commissioner has the primary responsibility to notify the Commission immediately via its President or Executive Director of any actual, apparent, or potential conflict of interest in any matters before the Commission or likely to come before the Commission. An actual, apparent, or potential conflict of interest is a situation in which the impartiality of the commissioner might reasonably be questioned.

Unable to Perform His/Her Duties

A commissioner who is unable to perform his/her duties as a commissioner for whatever reason for longer than six months should notify his/her parent (sponsoring) organization and the President of JCAHPO so that a determination may be made as to the advisability and timing of naming a replacement.

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