Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President is an annual appointment with an anticipated term of no more than 10 years. The duties of the Executive Vice President aremulti-faceted. The primary responsibility is to identify tasks and accomplish goals set by the Council during its Autumn and Spring meetings or as determined by correspondence between meetings. The Executive Vice President manages the day-to-day operations and activities of the Society and works closely with the Council Chair and with the staff provided by the SF Association Management Services (SF AMS), a subsidiary of the AAO.

The Executive Vice President responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintaining the minutes.
  • Overseeing the finances.
  • Acting ex officio as a member of the Council.
  • Working with the Council Chair on specific issues that confront the Society.
  • Working with the Staff and the Council Chair in developing the agendas and setting up the Autumn and Spring Council meetings.
  • Setting the budget and managing the independent contractors to the AOS.
  • Overseeing, monitoring, maintaining and reacting to financial reporting documents, including the financial operations of the AOS, CES, and Knapp organizations.
  • Acting as liaison with investment managers.
  • Serving on the Committee on Investments, Audit Committee and Nominating Committee of the Society.
  • Providing written guidelines and monitoring the activities of the various Society committees.
  • Overseeing the candidate application process with the Committee on Membership.
  • Assisting the Editor in the production of the Transactions.
  • Maintaining contact with all thesis candidates, preparing manuscripts for the Thesis review process, and assisting the Committee on Theses in their deliberations.
  • Working closely with staff to assure a quality written program, a quality scientific meeting and convivial social venue for AOS members, especially the New Members.
  • Working with staff to maintain and refresh the AOS website.
  • Providing an electronic Newsletter for distribution to the membership.
  • Responding to queries from members, non-members or outside sources concerning AOS activities or positions.
  • Acting as the representative to outside organizations as directed by the Council.
  • Implementing bylaws changes.
  • Presiding, with the President, over the annual Scientific Session and Executive Session.
  • Seeking legal consultation as requested.

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