Committee on Emerit


The Committee is charged with:

  • Maintaining communication, enthusiasm, and comradeship among emeritus members.
  • Encouraging attendance at the annual meetings of the AOS and participation in AOS affairs.
  • Hosting the Emeritus Luncheon at the Annual Meeting.
  • Assisting the President in identifying AOS members to write the obituary and obtain photos of the newly deceased members.


The committee consists of one member/chair, appointed by the Council for a term of 3 years, from among the emeritus members.


Using the services of the AOS office, the Committee Chair advises emeritus members of actions and events of specific interest, including the forthcoming meeting of the AOS and the emeritus members’ luncheon during the Annual Meeting. Traditionally the luncheon is held at noon on the next to the last day of the meeting in a delightful, airy room in the meeting hotel.

The chair submits a report of the committee at the annual business meeting of the Society, including a review of qualifications for emeritus status, a list of members requesting emeritus status since the last annual meeting of the Society, a list of members deceased likewise, and a summary of the activities of the committee, specifically announcing the forthcoming luncheon, and encouraging emeritus members to remain active and attend the meetings of the AOS whenever possible.

Revised 12.09.10