Archivist - Photographer Role

The Archivist-Photographer is expected to attend all annual meetings of the society and photographically document the activities and members of the AOS. New members and officers are priority subjects. All new members should be photographed signing the AOS membership “book”. The latter usually takes place after the new member luncheon or during the new member introductory session. Formal portraits of individual new members, with and without spouses or companions, are taken, usually prior to the new member reception. A group photo of the new members is taken at the same time.

Photographs of officers include portraits of the President with and without his/her spouse/companion and a group photo of the Council. The Howe medalist and the Howe Medal presentation ceremony is another important subject. Additional “candid” photos are taken at scientific sessions and social events. In addition to candid photos, the photographer will take formal photos of members and their spouses or groups of members if so requested.

The Archivist-Photographer submits selected digital photographs from each meeting to the Editor for inclusion in the Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society. These typically include photos of the President, the President and his spouse and/or family, a group photo of the Council, a group photo of the new members and a photo of the Howe medalist.

The Archivist-Photographer archives all digital photos on permanent digital media (CD-Rom or DVD) as a permanent record of the event. These are clearly labeled and stored in clearly labeled, designated containers. The label shall state Archives, American Ophthalmological Society. Please forward to the AOS.

The Archivist-Photographer selects and edits selected photos from each annual meeting and prepares a Photoshop presentation or similar digital show. The latter is posted on the AOS website, typically in pdf format. The Powerpoint presentations also are shown during the meeting, typically during breaks in the scientific sessions and at the banquet.

After each meeting, the Archivist-Photographer makes color prints from selected digital photo and forwards them to the new members, the Howe medalist, officers and selected members.

The Archivist-Photographer is responsible for forwarding the archival materials and photos to the successor in a timely fashion; and for assembling, organizing and storing AOS archival materials in clearly marked containers to assure their preservation and forwarding to the AOS.

The Archivist-Photographer is makes a formal report at the yearly business meeting.

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