Member Nomination Information

Annual Deadline: April 30th

Membership Nomination Form

AOS membership nominations are accepted year-round and considered once a year in the spring. The deadline for your nominee to be considered is April 30th each year.

The Primary Nominator is responsible for collecting the required nomination letters and submitting all documents to the Executive Vice President through the electronic Membership Nomination Form. 

Individuals in the same department or who have served as mentors for the individual may write the nominating letters, as long as TWO seconding letters are included from other national individuals in the field of interest of the candidate to affirm his/her national and/or international stature in Ophthalmology.

The Council reviews the nomination letters at their Spring Council Meeting, and AOS membership votes on whether to invite the individual to submit a formal membership application during the Annual Meeting's Executive Session.

Approved nominees are invited to submit a member application in June/July.

A major goal of the American Ophthalmological Society is to attract the current leaders and the future leaders of ophthalmology, both domestic and international. We encourage you to consider diversity, equity and inclusion when submitting your nominations.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the AOS Office.