April 30 (30 days prior to Annual Meeting) Deadline for Active and Emeritus Members to submit letters nominating / seconding candidates for membership.
May (Annual Meeting) Names of candidates are presented to the Council, Officers, and those attending the Executive Session.
June (After Annual Meeting) Candidates receive a membership application and an invitation to apply.
July The Confidential Report containing a list of candidates is mailed to all members. Members are asked to submit meaningful comments about the candidates to the Council.
July 1 Deadline for receipt of applications the Committee on Membership reviews all applications and letters of nomination and submits its recommendation for each applicant to the Council. The Committee on Membership also actively seeks members.
Fall Council Meeting The report of the Committee on Membership and comments from members are reviewed by the Council and Officers. Applications are approved or rejected.
After Fall Council Meeting Candidates and sponsors are notified of acceptance or rejection. Accepted candidates are invited to submit a thesis and given a thesis deadline.
January Deadline for candidates to submit their theses to the Executive Vice President. Deadline may change in the future.
January to December Committee on Theses reviews submitted theses and submits recommendations to the Council.
May (Council Meeting) Council reviews Committee on Theses recommendations and accepts or suggests revision in whole or in part.
May (Annual Meeting Executive Session) Council proposes accepted candidates to the membership in attendance at the Executive Session. A favorable vote of ¾ is required for acceptance to membership.
May (After Annual Meeting) Candidates are notified of their acceptance or the need to revise their theses. Theses may be revised up to 2 times.