Symposia Recordings & Member Interviews

2020 Annual Meeting - (Coming Soon)
  • Inaugural Marilyn T. Miller Lecture – Presented by Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • Knapp Symposium – COVID-19: What We Thought We Knew, What We Learned and Future Strategies
  • Paper Session I – Retina
  • Paper Session II – Cornea
  • Second Symposium - I Wish I Hadn’t Done That, I Wish I Hadn’t Thought That, or I Wish I Had Thought That!
  • Paper Session III – Retina
  • Introduction of the AOS Medalist, Dr. Peter Laibson – Presented by Dr. Al Sommer
  • Paper Session IV – Neuro/Glaucoma
  • Renaming Our Medal
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Member Interviews


Anthony Arnold, MD

Sophie Bakri, MD

Tamara Fountain, MD

Judy Kim, MD

Timothy Lai, MD

Stephen McLeod, MD

Joan O'Brien, MD

Carol Shields, MD

Donald Tan, MD

James Tsai, MD

Tien Wong, MD