Abstract Submission Form

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting paper and poster abstracts for the 159th Annual Meeting of the AOS. All members are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration this year. We hope to receive your best and newest material to ensure the continued success of our unique scientific program. Your Committee on Programs includes Drs. Sean Donahue, Chair, Jennifer Lim, Carol Karp, and M. Roy Wilson.

  • Only abstracts of the papers and posters will be published in the Annual Meeting Program Book and The Transactions of the AOS, so members may prepare new and exciting information without constraints or requirements of publication.
  • Your abstract must be authored by at least one AOS member to be considered.

  • Newest members of the AOS may present portions of their theses that were accepted within the last year.

Please carefully review the Guidelines for Abstracts. Details concerning completion of the online abstract form, deadlines, financial disclosure, IRB status, and off-label use of product information are included. It also includes more details on the CME process.

The deadline for submitting abstracts, including IRB status, off-label use of product information, and financial disclosures for the presenting author is January 18, 2023. Following the instructions and completion of all required information at the time of abstract submission is required for consideration by the Committee on Programs. Secondary authors are not required to complete a financial disclosure form.

It is essential that IRB documentation, if applicable, be confirmed. If proper IRB documentation is applicable, and has not been obtained, the Committee on Programs will not accept the abstract for presentation at the meeting.

All authors should be aware of the following requirements before submitting an abstract:

  • Seek objectivity and use of best available evidence.
  • Present original new scientific content that will enhance patient care.
  • Draw conclusions based on the content presented; delineate personal opinion.
  • Avoid using commercial slides.
  • This educational activity will be evaluated by learners.
  • Every evaluation will ask if commercial bias was present.
  • Individuals who have nothing to disclose must so declare, and an individual who refuses to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from being a planning committee member, a presenter, or an author and cannot have control of, or responsibility for, the development, management, presentation or evaluation of this educational activity.

Paper Selection

If your abstract is selected for presentation, a list of talking points and your slides will be due to your assigned Discussant six (6) weeks prior to the meeting; no exceptions.


If your abstract is accepted as a poster, please note that all poster presenters must attend the meeting and must be present with their poster at the specially designated poster discussion time. The discussion time will be confirmed in the acceptance letter. During this designated time, attendees will be encouraged to visit the posters to discuss details of your work.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and to seeing you May 18-20, 2023.

Sean P. Donahue, MD, PhD
Chair, Committee on Programs

Abstract Submission Form